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Serving the Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs local market as well as clients located nationwide

Since 1997 I have been providing a broad range of high quality intellectual property legal services to a wide range of clients, including both businesses and individuals, in Colorado and throughout the nation. If you need a patent lawyer for securing a patent on your invention, negotiating a license or contract, applying for a trademark or copyright, I will act on your behalf, aggressively and competently, to get you the results you need for your future success.

Client Successes

I really enjoy contributing to my clients’ success and I am excited to share their stories with you.Learn more about the ways I have helped my clients with their unique products and businesses.

What is IP?

Intellectual Property (IP) rights protect your unique products and services. Your IP distinguishes you from your competitors.

  • Patents protect your inventions.
  • Trademarks protect your brand names, logos and services.
  • Copyrights protect the expressions of your original works of creation and authorship.
  • Trade secrets protect your confidential techniques or processes.

Patent and IP Strategist

A successful IP strategy requires more than simply filing patent and trademark applications for your products and services. You will benefit from my thoughtful and strategic perspectives. Learn more about my unique approach.

The Patent Process

The Patent and Trademark Process.  Do you have questions about the patent or trademark process? Is your invention patentable? Is your mark registrable? How much do patents and trademarks cost? How long will it take to get a patent or a trademark?  I have prepared answers to the most common questions I receive in my FAQ section.

Do you have questions about the patent process? Is your invention patentable? How much do patents cost? How long will it take to get a patent?

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